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ET Citrine sterling Silver ring

ET Citrine sterling Silver ring

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Sterling Silver


Number 6.5


All gemstones used in our jewels are previously analysed
with gemological tools and certified. We use Gold 18k, Silver 925 and Titanium
as metals.

Shipping & Returns

On receipt and inspection of your purchase, if there are any noticeable discrepancies or damages, or if the item is not what was ordered, please contact immediately to make the necessary corrections. We are happy to offer a refund or exchange up to 10 days from date of delivery on all items in unworn condition accompanied by the original box and warranty. All shipping costs will be deducted from your total refund.


Care Instructions

how to care for and protect your jewelry can make a difference in maintaining
its beauty and keeping sparkling for generations to come. Each component of the
jewelry have different hardness and also are more or less susceptible to
chemicals and heat.

Light and
heat can affect a colored gemstone’s durability and color. Over time, and in
excess, they can also fade or damage some gemstones, such as amethyst, kunzite
and topaz. Excessive heat and sudden temperature changes may also fracture some

Exposure to
chemicals can damage or discolor precious metals – gold and silver – and may
harm some colored gems. Fine jewelry should be removed before diving into a
chlorinated swimming pool or before using household solvent, can pit or damage
gold alloys.

colored gemstones are routinely treated to improve the appearance of color and
clarity. These treatments can be negatively affected by heat, solvents, steam
and ultrasonic cleaners.

cleaning is best left to jewelry professionals who know about different gem
materials and understand when and how to use safely.

colored gems can be cleaned with warn water, mild dish soap (no detergents) and
a soft brush. A pulsed-water dental cleaning appliance and a soft, lint-free
cloth can also be used. Be sure to rinse your jewelry in a glass of water to
remove cleaning solutions since you risk losing loose stones – or even an
entire piece of jewelry – if you rinse directly in the sink.

jewelry storage is often overlooked. Jewelry should never be tossed into a
drawer or on a top of a dresser – that’s asking for scratches and damaged gems.
Most jewelry pieces come in a box or pouch from the store, which is a perfect
place to keep them. Sterling silver, for example, should be kept in an
anti-tarnish bag or cloth. Jewelry boxes that feature individually padded slots
for rings and posts for hanging necklaces and bracelets are also ideal.

travelling, protect your jewelry pieces from scratches or other impact damage
by padding it in a separate box or case.

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